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SaRenna Lee » SaRenna Lee and Lisa Lipps: Part 1

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The bathroom video of Erica Everest and SaRenna Lee was a hypercharged lipstick-lesbian sex scene with a strong letch for strap-on and dildo fucking. This video with Lisa Lipps heads into another avenue. There's plenty of gentle lovey-dovey stuff going on, with lots of heavy smooching and making out. It was filmed during a time when Lisa and SaRenna were intimate friends in real life as well so a lot of that kissy-kissy affection is being picked up by the camera. Unless you've watched this video before, you'll know in a few minutes who the dominant girl is. If you love seeing mega-busty girls in stripper-platform shoes, you'll especially enjoy this video.
August 6th, 2011   
16:41 mins   

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